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Friday, October 29, 2010

What do the different types of Ads Preference mean and do?

  • Ads Preference refers to how will you want your Nuffnang ad units to look like before you're assigned a paid campaign by our advertisers. There are a few options such as Minimize Ads, Show Charity Ads, Show Default Ads, Show Global CPC Ads.
  • Minimize Ads will minimize your ad units to only show a Nuffnang logo or caption to reduce load time in your blog and our server while waiting for paid campaigns.
  • Show Charity Ads will enable your ad unit to show non paying ads that seek to promote various humanitarian causes such as adopt a puppy, blood donation or any community project that Nuffnang is working on for that period of time.
  • Show Default Ads will enable your ad units to show non paying ads that seek to promote the awareness of Nuffnang as the first Asia Pacific's blog advertising community.
  • Show Global CPC Ads will enable your ad units to show CPC ads for CPC campaigns that is running by our advertisers' request. This will enable you to earn while waiting for CPM campaigns by our advertisers. If there are not CPC campaigns ongoing for a particular ad unit, it will be minimized to reduce load time of your blog and our server.

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