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Friday, October 22, 2010

Overview: nuffnang

Blogging Buddies

Here at Nuffnang, we are a blog advertising platform FOR BLOGGERS by BLOGGERS. What this means is that certain bloggers with associated skills and influence have been invited to take a stake in our company. In most cases, for free. They are all partners in Nuffnang, and act as our ambassadors, and advisors. They help us find you the best opportunities for your blogs, tell us what you want to see and generally weave their magic to ensure that your Nuffnang experience is the best it can be! Their identities will be revealed here over time!

Blogger Outings

Paint the Town! Blogging can be a lonely job, but we want to improve your fun quotient. None of that old, watching the cat play with a ball of string while you blog away, but actually hanging with your blogging buddies! It could be Movie premires, Go Karting, Paintballing, or the like. Suggestions are welcome. Nuffnang will either fully pay for or substantially subsidize mass outings to keep on building blogging buddies in our community. Keep your eyes peeled!

Find your Family!

Even in blog land we all have friends that like to blog about the same things as us. When we all get together, it makes for some great connections, great content and an even better blogosphere. Here at Nuffnang, we'll be helping you to connect with other bloggers that share your interests, in a real way! Hosting regular get togethers across all topic niches, you'll have a chance to meet and greet Bloggers just as keen as you are!

Networking Sessions

You might find a job or perhaps an endorsement at one of our advertiser networking sessions. Our advertisers on the other hand could very well find an advocate for their product or service. Get fancied up, sip champagne and get ahead in life!

Sponsorships for Blog Related Events

We at Nuffnang (if you haven't already noticed) are keen to help create the most vibrant blog community possible. We sponsor all sorts of blog related get togethers to help make your event a cracking success. And we're looking for more! Simply contact us with details of your event, and we’ll get back to you!

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