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Friday, October 29, 2010

I have not been able to paste the Nuffnang codes into my Wordpress/Xanga/Multiply/Livejournal blog.

  • Free versions of do not allow the use of Javascripts nor the editing of their template's HTML. However, hosting your blog by using's files on your own domain will allow you to do so if you are able to set the file permission settings through your FTP.
  • At the moment, Xanga Themes does not support the use of javascript as it prevents the "< script >" tag to be inserted when placing a HTML code into their widgets. Only the old "Look & Feel" page allows the user to insert javascript. You may find the Xanga support forum thread about this here
  • Multiply and Livejournal do not allow 3rd party advertisements nor the editing of their blog HTML. From our knowledge so far, the blogs that allow you to do this are blogger platforms such as, the old ‘look and feel’ version of Xanga, full paid versions of Wordpress, and

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