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Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello there! Welcome to Nuffnang :) Being a Nuffnanger is much more than earning while you blog; you’re now a part of a Malaysia’s largest blogging community! There are lots of contests and events exclusively for Nuffnangers which you can now participate in, but more on that later. Let’s start off with the basics – placing Nuffnang ads on your blog. Just follow the three simple steps below:
  1. Complete the blogger bio
    Please take a few minutes to complete the Blogger Bio, and tell us a little about yourself. This will help us know you better, and allow us to recommend you for sponsored posts.
  2. Add your blog(s) to the Blog Manager
    After you have completed your blogger profile, register your blog(s) on the Nuffnang network using the Blog Manager. Once you have added your blog to the Blog Manager, you will be prompted to fill in a survey for that blog. This survey is very important as it allows us to target ads for your blog.

    Getting Started Image
  3. Add Nuffnang ad units to your blog
    Click on the "Add Ads" icon on your dashboard. Here you will find the codes to add ad units to your blog.

    Getting Started Image

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