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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nuffnang Reveals Click-Rating System

This week alone, there are 20 different campaigns running concurrently on the Nuffnang network involving thousands of blogs. That being said, some bloggers tend to get repeated ads week after week and some receive ads in a lower frequency in spite of the network ad revenue growth for the past year being 90% month after month.

The truth is many factors affect a blog’s selection in being delivered a Cost-Per-Unique Visitor ad, among many is the ad placement on the blog and whether a blog is Glitterati or not.
However, another very very important factor that advertisers look at is often the historical click-through ratio that a blogger gets for a previously run campaign on his/her blog. The more clicks and the higher the CTR that a blogger gets, the more likely that a future advertiser will choose to run a campaign on the individual blog.

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